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In Your Eyes, I See Her


Her presence is reflected in

your darling infant irises;

she plays hide-and-seek with me

‘tween shadow and late sunlight.

Forgive my tears, sweet baby niece—

your auntie is not sad at you;


I am merely overwhelmed

by the transcendence of love.


A day will come when you will know

the strength that courses through your veins—

a legacy of fighters.



you’re a warrior.

I see her in your eyes.

Introducing Eric Syrdal: Ariadne…

Sir Eric on Whisper and the Roar<3

Whisper and the Roar

waterhouse_ariadneI have seen her

The Aegean sea
in her hair

Her warm skin
in the Mediterranean sun

Her supple hands
that spun the crimson thread
that bore a hero through
to kill the beast of the labyrinth

but what hero is this?
that leaves
such a vessel of
valor and courage
wrapped in womanly flesh?

as she slumbers in peace
doth the rogue
take flight to the waves
and away with her heart
steal the morning light
from her eyes

were I born
of likeness to brave Dionysus
and to seek the favor
of Olympus

Receive the blessing
to woo, her

Then should She
not shed tears
to find her heart stolen away
while in the world of dreams

say not
what they would have us believe

Athena did not
in her manner of reason
lead Theseus away

he left her
thankless knave!

and though

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You Can’t Disappear Here

This is the balls, ya’ll. Check out David’s blog! ❤

The Severe Distraction of David Augustus Smith

imagesYou can’t disappear here, I am already gone, a ghost of my ideal self, person you wish to rescue you from the dark angles bearing down on you. I am a flame, a nightmare, a cloven-hoof vision that is inverted and bloody, woven into the patterns of a life that was lost in the rain, in the Spring, in a million deceptions, secrets, secrets, secrets…”everything will come out eventually.” They keep telling me that. I cringe and think about a stinging sensation in my neck, as I am inundated by unsolicited pep talk. 

Just another day. We all need one more day. It will all be okay tomorrow. Pinned-out eyes, ground-up teeth, the hours that repeat themselves–the eerie eternity. The silent misery, the collective sigh of death heaved on the shoulders of ants, and bees, killing themselves over labor, over love, over the nuanced mystery that leave us all in…

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A Sudden Brightness

I’m a huge fan of Nicholas. ❤

Free Verse ReVolution

All this time, I’ve lived like a shadow.

Envy of the gallows,
while all the while, I envied
shallow things.

All this time, I was callow,
howling at my dancing inspirations,
unaware my feet were moving
alongside theirs.

All this time, I was scared, not even
sure of what, but ran the gamut of bumps in the
night anyway.

What price would you have paid, I’d wonder;
to rectify schisms with their wholes, a thousand
variables seeing their knowns
across crowded rooms; dead seas with complacent

What would you have chosen, darling?
Rabbit holes to Wonderland or poems that span the miles through
every lie you tell yourself to
fall asleep at night?

The paint is dry,
but there’s a sudden brightness in shadows
that transcended writing on
the walls,

words we can’t redact but gave us
enough strength to
stall for time.


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Murder in the thirst- Olde Punk

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A Global Divergent Literary Collective

Murder in the thirst

There is always the murmuring first

Anticipation is just the worst

Do you not think?

No do not speak

Why we brave the waste

There is ever aught but dust

And folly, ever the tides rush

Close to our feet

I’m trapped in the past

And I know you are the last

Of the crimson knights of defeat

Feel my heart beat

In time with the rhythm of demise

I despise and deplore

Blood on the floor and all over

Your precious face

Oh angel of disgrace

Never are you more beautiful

Than with the fear of death

Perfuming your breath

And heavy with the knowledge

Of my damned divine curse

Shadow clouds over the moon

As dawn and dusk meet

Clasping hands over the finality

I embrace you lovingly

The taste of your blood on my tongue

I listen to the dearest murmur

That escapes…

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The Perfect Marriage- Samantha Lucero

Samantha Lucero on Whisper and the Roar ❤

Whisper and the Roar

Perfect marriage 2.jpgi’ve evolved from spitfoam into hearth-iron ribs
trapped between septic fingers and lost doors.

one gummy eye used to be the rasp moon,
the other a varnished cloud.

i’ve created ants and snow in a womb
for licking cloying.

for freezing, for festering age,
years. rafts of web on web.

i scream in a locked room.
where only i am dreaming of being me.

to accumulate in wrinkles that are parenthesis
around your matchwood mouth or baby horns between
the swale of brow-felt.

the hole that gullets its teeth.

samantha lucero 2017 ©

Samantha Lucero  likes… uhhh… cats, and can never think of what to say about herself, she writes at  Samantha Lucero , sometimes and is a managing editor at the  Sudden Denouement Literary Collectiv

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Tree of Death, or Eve Eats the Apple

Allie of Dances with Tricksters ❤

Dances with Tricksters

Tree of Death

Oh heart, my heart, what did you see?

I was a bone girdle on the Devil’s tree.

Oh lover, my lover, what are you now?

I hath become Death, to reap and sow.

Oh seed, what fire now grows in my loin?

Tis the flame of desire, from Hell purloined.

Oh Earth, oh beasts, from me why you run?

You have become human, unfortunate one.

Oh husband, my light, what do you see?

You are but the Reaper, come to claim me.

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