Pride: Hatred’s Mother

Prideful people cannot be talked down from their self-righteous platforms; in this age, I don’t even think Jesus Christ himself could reach them. In fact, the whole idea of God has been twisted by Holy Rollers to suit their opinions–opinions which they claim as Christian faith. Not that this notion of mine is unique or brand new. The Bible has always been a malleable substance in the hands of Christians. Funny, I’m not particularly religious, but I have a better understanding of this being called God than many of his earthbound children. Some of you reading this may be vomitous with anger. How dare you say you understand God!? Nobody can ever really understand God!

Well, from what I learned as a child, God is Love.  He’s also really insecure, as he has a history of testing people’s faith, but that’s for another argument at another time. So! God is Love. And His son, Jesus preached about God’s love for all his children. Maybe I missed the part in the Bible where Jesus says, “If you have a problem with the gays, feel free to publicly chastise them. Oh! Don’t forget to mention that they’ll burn in hell. Also, kill all the Jews and Muslims, incite racial conflict; and men, keep your women ignorant and dependent. Do all of this in the name of my Father.”


anti-semitic-incidents-los-angeles-460 muslim-flier



Pride is Hatred’s mother. Why is that so hard to grasp? Why is it so damn difficult to give an actual fuck about Human Rights–about decency and respect?

I know why. It’s because these prideful people believe with every fiber of their being that they are right, and we are wrong; they are superior to us. Unfortunately for them, we’re not going to conform to their hate molds, are we?



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