Hot Whiskey

Paul, you da man, bruh!

I was chatting with a blogger friend, last night.

A great conversation it was too.

We got around to talking about whiskey and ice.

This friend was scared about “What if the ice runs out” 😉

So I said “Have you tried a Hot Whiskey?”

I gallantly gave her the ingredients.

I ended the chat as it was late here (Ireland)

And I went to bed. Zzzz.

Just as I was dropping off, I realized, I hadn’t gave the method. (Tut)

The method is the key to a good hot whiskey.

So! I thought! “Share it with everyone”

So! In my best Jean-Pierre-White, impression.

(Here it is)

You will need

1- A slice of lemon

2-Cloves ( About 5)

3- Teaspoon of sugar

4-Kettle 😉

5-A tumbler glass (Or as we say, a half-glass

The Method

Boil kettle to heat empty glass

Prepare lemon,cloves,sugar (Best if you stick cloves into…

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