Parkland: commentary from no one of consequence(?)


“An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”—Robert Heinlein

Are we not an armed society? I suppose not heavily enough, being that schools are gun-free zones.

I find it comical and infuriating both at once that in America we “teach” that guns are dangerous in the hands of children. We “teach” that gun owners should keep their firearms in locked boxes or cabinets, unloaded. Yet there’s always a young Tommy who knows his dad keeps a handgun in a fucking shoe box at the top of a closet; and Tommy wants to show the gun to his friend. Sometimes there’s a Tommy whose dad does keep his gun locked up, and unloaded. But this Tommy knows the combination, or where to find the keys, and also knows where his dad stores ammunition.

I’m not suggesting that America should eradicate firearms. I’m suggesting that parents who own firearms should attend gun safety with their age appropriate children. They should have frequent conversations with their children about how to safely handle a gun. And when a Tommy shoots his friend, or takes a gun into a school to massacre his peers and staff, his parents or guardians  should be held criminally culpable every fucking time.

To propose that teachers and school staff should be armed is fucking ridiculous to me. Would school staff actually carry firearms on their person? Or would these guns be locked in a desk?  Who would pay for these guns? Who would pay for gun safety classes? Is that up to the staff? If it were, would they be fired if they didn’t comply? And what about gym teachers, and coaches? How the hell would they be expected to be active with a holster and a loaded gun attached to their hips? I imagine that a coach out on the field with his/her students would have no choice but to keep a loaded gun. Because what? If a shooter presented themselves, is that coach really going to run back into the school, into his/her office, unlock their desk or whatever fucking thing that stores their gun and bullets, load the motherfucker, and THEN run all the way back to the field to protect the students?

I find the apathy that the Parkland families and survivors are being met with to be absolutely abhorrent. Why CAN’T our government do something to show they give a fuck? Why can’t we at least take one goddamned step toward making the gun purchasing process a little more secure? For example, make background checks on EVERY type of firearm mandatory.

For all of you against reforming gun control: get a fucking clue. No one is suggesting that America follows Australia, or England. No one is ever going to unarm you. I’m sick to death of seeing these memes of Hitler and what he said about unarming the people polluting social media, as if to warn his second fucking coming is nigh.

I support the survivors of Parkland, and their march on Washington. To dismiss them as ignorant is just plain cruel.


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We Cannot Look Away: Not another 17, not another One


Just another day
just another town
bullet perforated backpacks
spilling loose-leaf lined paper, textbooks
onto blood stained sidewalks
helicopters hovering
to give us the birds eye view
I tried to avert my eyes
out of respect for the dead
the injured
but I could not look away
Christine Ray

Even though I should
Because I am ashamed
At the bullets that rain
At the bullet point pain
Etched in their faces, rivulets in their eyes
They were just children, stolen from their time
Not forgotten in these lines
But to their parents and loved ones
It’s a void they’ll never fill, and it shouldn’t
Lives shredded and ruined
17 times we’ve gotten the chance to do better
and for the 18th, we blew it
Just like those children who looked at their killer

Their killer is not Nikolas

The Killer is you
Devereaux Frazier

Seventeen blossoms
seventeen blinks of an eye
seventeen bullets in the body of spring
and those left behind
food to flashback phobias
memory outbursts
Spring won’t be coming
in a town far away
in a country across the sea
right next to me
Basilike Pappa

Running for class president
Running for the Varsity Football Team
Running to get in line for a movie they can’t wait to see
Running to embrace someone they love
Running and laughing with siblings or friends
Running to get to the dance floor before their favorite song ends
Running for exercise
Running for fun
They should never be running from the thunder of a gun
We’re destroying our future for profit and gain
While they run for their lives
And we’re left with questions and pain
Eric Syrdal

Look away, little bird.
The sky has adjourned, rejecting your flight path
well into wrath.
hell hath no fury like the anger turned apathy, semi-automatic rhapsody that plays on
the overhead speaker that once freed us
from maths.

It doesn’t add up, the physics, social studies, introduction to business, life and
death 101.

Nothing could prepare us for the words we don’t have.
Nicholas Gagnier

Lives swung into darkness
and voices numbed
Eyes losing hope
Blood on the hands, soul
screams and tears everywhere

Deafening silence of the death
and roaring sound of the violence
life stripped of its happiness
and tears losing the feeling

Yet again, My heart is hopeful
Lips in unison with the prayers
Trying to calm my self down
Thinking It won’t happen again

But deep down inside
I know we all are living in denial.
Megha Sood

Spare me your
thoughts and prayers.
Spare me your
people-kill-people babble.
Seventeen more names
added to a statistic
that will never be used.
So, by all means,
let’s keep sending
millions of dollars a year
to powerful people
in exchange for turning
a blind eye.
Proving over and over again
that dollars mean more
than lives.
Sarah Doughty

Seventeen more reasons we grieve.
Seventeen more reasons we’re
broken as a nation.
Seventeen more reasons we must
rise up
a giant against apathy, and
willful ignorance.
Destroy the dissidence.
End the agenda of greed.

Our freedoms are not free—
seventeen more innocent souls sacrificed.
Kindra M. Austin

True horror has unfolded,
We watch on glowing screens of disbelief.
With the voices of innocents ringing in our ears,
Fingers swipe it all away.
As others moved on with their day,
I could not look away.

Grief, pain, disbelief,
All right there, before our eyes.
Yet one headline replaces the next,
That gut wrenching sadness suddenly replaced.
As the topic changes to something else,
I could not look away.

Where is our humanity,
I ask as society moves on from this butchered elephant in the room.
Can’t we just stop and think,
Acknowledge the death, the suffering, the wrongness.
Another day will come and go, setting on our community,
We cannot look away.

Doomed to repeat this dreadful fate,
We need to choose to change.
Insanity is as insanity always does,
As we continue to place ammunition with malignant intent.
What can I do, the individual, the lone soul, this:
I will not look away.
Michael Erickson

Have ourselves
To blame for this
Again and again
An unsolved tragedy
We must hold ourselves to task
For every death. Every child
Like spent shells fallen to the ground
Souls adrift to haunt those who do not act –
Who do not act again and again and again
I cannot look away again, again, again
Again, again, again, again, I cannot look away, not again.
Stephen Fuller

I cannot look away
From the train wreck shit show
This country has become,
Where cash in a senator’s pocket
Outweighs the blood of our children,
Where losing your ‘right’ to own an assault rifle
Is more an abomination
Than Children being murdered in school
Than human beings dying at a concert in Vegas
Than parents burying their babies.
The blood on your hands will not wash away.
I’m with you in Parkland!
Where kids call presidents out on their bullshit.
I’m with you in Parkland!
Where they won’t let hypocrites hide.
I’m with you in Parkland!
Where they call BS on the lies.

I’m with you in Parkland!
John W. Leys


See Ya’ll in Hell


Dante’s Inferno

Matthew 7:2 (King James)

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged:

and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

I’m not religious, and I don’t fear a god, but I feel like I’ve got a pretty good handle on how people should treat one another.

But I could be wrong. There could be a special level of Hell waiting for me. Because I do judge.

I judge because I have personal high standards–standards so high that I have no tolerance for abuse of any sort.

I judge because I have no tolerance for those who try to get ahead by propagating lies, and target the defenseless.

I don’t give a fuck about creed, color, or race. What I care about is the individual quality of the human spirit.



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My Last Defense

Marcia was sixteen years old when she was disfellowshipped—the resultant of a rape accusation. The Kingdom Hall doesn’t fuck around, you see. The Brother in question was a husband and father; Marcia was the babysitter. Even though her father wanted to notify the police, and press legal charges against the sick fuck who’d violated his little girl, Marcia’s mother insisted that the situation be left solely in the self-serving hands of the Elders. The Elders, after hearing the douche bag’s bullshit, decided that Marcia would be excommunicated from the Kingdom Hall. Jehovah does not love girls who allow themselves to be raped. Apparently.

Marcia is my late mother.

So all of you fuck-sticks who keep contacting me regarding my irreverence can choke on this mother fucking tid-bit. Open your throat and take it all.

I am not a heathen. I am not a bad person. Just because I don’t accept every aspect of Christianity does not mean I’m the devil’s spawn. In fact, if you’d take the time to read my blog, you’d discover that I am deeply loving, and even though I don’t agree with every facet of religion, I am respectful of those who are religious. Except for those who are Jehovah’s Witnesses.


Illusions of a Happy New Year


I liken New Year’s Day to Lent, in that both elicit fleeting reflection and interim amendments.

Jesus, fuck. Cynical much? 


No, I’m a (goddamned writer) pragmatic idealist.

When I was a practicing Catholic (married to my daughter’s father), Lent was the vilest time of year for me because I’d have to surrender something meaningful for forty days. For me, it was cigarettes. Only I’d light up on the sly; smoking was integral to my writing process, for fuck’s sake.

Why not just quit drinking instead?

 Drunkenness is more difficult to conceal. Duh.

As an adult, I have never made a New Year’s resolution; the import of a New Year’s pledge is no greater than the one vomited into a toilet at 1 a.m. after celebrating Tuesday.

Listen. I believe in living my truths, spreading love, and advocating for those in need. I believe in the strength of the human spirit, and I stand by those who want to make a positive change. But I realize that those steps towards betterment must come from a genuine place. Often, when someone decides to try to live a more truthful life, a kinder, healthier life, they have been contemplating their own behaviors and existence for a good long while. And these are the people who are serious—who don’t wait for New Year’s Eve, or dread the coming of Lent.

I have no illusions of a happy new year. Shit happens. Life happens. All I can do is keep on keeping on—never give up, even when I want to because I’m a fucking human being who puts absolutely no stock into platitudes, and is just as vulnerable to the darkness as the next person.

All of that being said, I won’t wish you a Happy New Year. What I will do is send you love and good vibes; lend you my voice should you need the words; and offer the strength stored up in my heart should you need additional strength.




Serenity Now

Four hours of my life I will never get back. Thank you, Michigan/Michigan State game. I was perfectly happy with my earbuds, listening to Lana Del Rey, but my husband kept tapping my shoulder, because for some reason unknown to me, he thought I gave an actual fuck about first downs and whatnot.

I cannot invent enough curse words that do justice to my level of ‘I don’t give a fuck.’ I would have rather watched Allegiant on HBO than pretend to pay attention to this ‘monumental’ football game. It’s ‘monumental’ every goddamned year, and guess what? The world keeps on spinning, for fuck’s sake. Seriously, people act like their first born children will be cursed with warts or some shit if their team doesn’t win. Michigan State wins every year. There. You’re free to live your lives for-fucking-ever without wasting a single second watching the game.

And now the news is covering the game. Because there isn’t anything more pressing to discuss? Jesus, fuck.


Religion Does Not Equal Morality

Cover your eyes, and count to one hundred

against the old oak tree in your backyard

Do you know who you seek?

Your liberal grand-daughter, raised Roman-Catholic,

now engaged to a Muslim who works for a mulatto family

back in the city you’d left behind to save your


But you weren’t listening, or Father wasn’t teaching…

which is it?

Are you really a friend of Jesus?

Your grand-daughter argues that you do the devil’s bidding

because you spit on her Muslim fiance

and his bi-racial employers

You laugh because you’re cocky,

but you are old, knocking on Death’s door

So why fight a losing battle?

Each generation is moving further away from religion

Religion, in the traditional sense, has one foot in the grave

And religion, by and large, no longer dictates–

at least not here in the States

So stop pretending that gays are going to hell

Stop pretending that God is real

and that God gives humans morals

God does not equal morality

I know many Atheists who are far better human beings

than the most stringent followers of God and his son