Maggot Memoirs

Aurora Phoenix’s response poem to Shoo, fly is hardcore. Please read her at Insights from “Inside.”

Insights from "Inside"

(A response poem to the collaborative piece ‘Shoo, Fly‘ by the amazing Kindra M. Austin and Samantha Lucero, on Sudden Denouement. Be sure to read this stunning piece.)

I recall the apparition.

they squirmed a nauseating mess,

a poltergeist steak on the garage floor.

I puzzle on the number

of maggots that have crawled upon me.

I knew they were flies – in bars and in dorms rooms.

I swatted at the buzz of their egos

in Greek chorus. I was that girl

with the grades and the holey swatter.

I was that girl, brilliant and slightly awkward,

attracting flies as brilliantine

greases fashionista disasters.

I was that girl with fierce four-eyed intent

and dismal coordination, that girl

who looked in the mirror

with inverted beer goggles.

when flies buzzed habitual lies

of beauty and breaktakability

I was entangled in gossamer webs

spun of red perfumed roses,


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‘Shoo, fly.’ – Collaboration – Kindra M. Austin & Samantha Lucero

A little thing written by Samantha Lucero and me. Sam is a spectacular dragon. ❤

A Forum for Divergent Literature

Fly guy—bar fly with Roman nose and sake soaked tongue buzzing in my ear; shoo fly, don’t bother me.

like a sip instead of a gulp,

the spider is on the cliff of my knee,

it spreads no further with

its unshaven jowls scratching the walls

of my mind; i remember camel turkish royals,

hard pack, you thanking me after i sucked

your dick,  

begging me to stay when i said goodbye.

men just want a woman in their bed, any one will do.

and i like pooling alone, like a puddle of rain outside,

dreaming my chaotic dreams.

You’d followed me out to the parking lot

after my Karaoke set; ‘Rolling on the River’ was my best yet.

I let you feel me up, under the bra, under lights catching bugs,

while my hands worked overtime, pulling down your drawers.

and what wet dreams may come on the upper…

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The Light Dressed in Chainmail

My latest Blood into Ink piece.

Blood Into Ink


In the middle of the night, shadows breathe;

bury your face—bite your pillow when you scream.

Don’t wake the house with your nonsense.

Terrors wear an addict’s face, and smile with her teeth;

ten thousand demons seeded in your soul.

Don’t wake the house with your nonsense.

She was never your mother; and you are not her.

You are the light dressed in chainmail—

the greatest warrior I’ve ever known.

This poem was inspired by my aunt. Aunt Denise’s birth mother had tried to abort her with a coat hanger in 1959, and after her birth, she was adopted by her aunt and uncle, whom I’ve always known as Grandma and Grandpa Carter. My beautiful, fierce aunt lived her life plagued with hatred for the woman who didn’t want her. I hope Aunt Denise is peaceful now. I miss her like mad…

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Your Writing Wanted: Whisper and the Roar

Brave and Reckless

Are you a writer of poetry, prose, essay or short fiction?  Do you consider yourself a feminist?  We want your writing for Whisper and the Roar.

The theme of submitted work does not need to be feminist, but the writer must be.

Submission Guidelines for Whisper and the Roar:

  • Send up to 3 pieces of original writing in either PDF or Word document attached to an email that includes your real name as well as the name you publish your writing under.  Although we prefer previously unpublished work, we will consider published work as long as it has ONLY been published on a blog. No e-zines, e-mags, e-presses, e-books, printed works.
  • Include a brief bio in the body of the email that includes a link to your website/where you write/where you want people to go if they’re interested in more of your writing.
  • Understand that you will not be paid for your submission. We…

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Nom De Guerre – Collaboration of A. G. Diedericks & Aurora Phoenix

Check out my friends on SD!

A Forum for Divergent Literature

in art
I come alive
when I put my pen down
it’s all uncharted territory
obfuscated scriptures
obstruct my script
with indecisions
and honed inhibitions
I vomit
unintelligible words
ineligible to decipher
paralysis in my analysis
a jargon
too far gone
from consciousness
I thrive
in poetic nooks
inhaling the sustenance
of literary lore
I shrivel
when my fingers
relinquish their perch
click-clack pecking the keys
I lose my footing
skid and wander
meandering Neanderthal
grunting monosyllabic
monotonous monotone
bungled from gnarled
arthritic fingertips
aching hips
collide coccyx
insensate sensibilities
in a house of congress
homo sapiens
barred from sapience
I am a refugee
seeking refuge
in the allure
of a nom de guerre

A.G. Diedericks is a cinephile in the midst of being gentrified into a bibliophile.. Colonized by mediocrity; He moonlights as a clandestine writer. You’ll find him in a dark alley over 

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Core Values

Aurora, if I could write a ballad for you, I would. ❤

Insights from "Inside"

I tighten my core

against the assault

foot firmly planted

on my middle

no middle ground

steely resolve hides

obscured under

adipose in repose

I look alive

Look Alive!

but it’s the makeup

and animation

I have long since

lost my composure


I am rotten and maggoty

though smartly dressed

 by erstwhile friends

there is

after all

an esprit de corps

among we corpses

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Auguries of Innocence


1200px-The_Vision_of_the_Last_Judgment[1] the Vision of the Last Judgement-William Blake 1808 William Blake was widely derided during his lifetime. William Wordsworth said, “There was no doubt that this poor man was mad” and this view of poor, mad Blake seems to have been the accepted wisdom, even among the Romantics.

However Blake also mixed with major radical figures who would have an immeasurable influence on the history of ideas. For long periods Blake’s main employer and only source of income was the radical bookseller Joseph Johnson, who introduced Blake to Thomas Paine, author of Rights of Man, William Godwin, the godfather of anarchism, and Mary Wollstonecraft, the first feminist and author of Vindication of the Rights of Women, as well as advocates for the abolition of slavery. Although Blake would remain on the periphery of this circle due to his humble background, lack of formal education and visionary tendencies, it cannot…

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Swear To Me now on sale (Pre-order only)

A moving collection to serve a great cause. ❤

Free Verse ReVolution

PreorderDeluxe Edition

Swear to Me is now available for pre-order through FVR on Shopify. Both the Standard and limited run Deluxe edition (available until December 31, 2017 or while supplies last) can be pre-ordered.

The Deluxe Edition contains five additional poems, including the previously published “Homeward Legend”, as well as four works exclusive to the Deluxe Edition: “Don’t Leave Me Now”, “Hold Me Until My Hope Returns”, “Letters to Chester” and “Love in a Time of Grandeur”.

The followup to 2013’s Ground Zero, the Deluxe Edition of Swear to Me is the definitive edition, uniting twenty poets from around the world to raise awareness for mental health and the craft it gave rise to.

Review copies are available in advance.

Featuring Nicole Lyons, Willie Watt, Phil Benton, Kristiana Reed, Dom, Nathan McCool, Rachel Finch, Rana Kelly, Kindra M. Austin, Sarah Doughty, Eric Syrdal, Ward Clever, Marcia Weber, Laurie Wise…

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Dear Virgins,

Allow me to extend my genuine gratitude; I’m honored you have chosen to visit my blog. I hope your time does not prove wasted here, as building human connections through the written word is paramount to me. I’ve made many friends via WordPress. I’ve also offended a metric fuck-ton of people; these folks ran away from me full on Kevin McCallister style. I don’t fret when I lose subscribers.

I’m not for everyone, and I respect that I disrespect some readers/writers with my foul mouth. I know what it’s like to come across a blog so fucking filthy, I’ve wanted to bathe in bleach. Even I have standards, and standards are all relative. What should be understood is that there is a real difference between me using words like fuck; twat waffle; thunder cunt; pork sword; douche canoe; and those who glorify sex violence; domestic violence; homophobic violence; religious violence; child pornography; animal abuse; genocide.

But, yes, I do stand by all of you who don’t like the coarse words I utilize in my writing. What I do take issue with are the reprimands I receive for my goddamned blog posts. You have the right to rub my nose in a piss puddle, because my blog is public. But are those reprimands necessary? I’m a grown ass woman, so I think not. Before the argument is raised that my bad words are unnecessary, I say, the hell-damn-fart they’re not. I write my truths. And my truths are sometimes very sweary; I make no apologies for the butt hurt. I have a warning label on my home page, for fuck’s sake.

So, to all of you kind enough to stop by my blog for the first time, please, proceed with caution if you are easily offended by a sailor’s tongue. And understand that I don’t offend people because it is my goal. My only goal is to be true.

I wish you all peace.


Kindra M. Austin